Simple Powerful SugarCRM Workflow – only $49.99

An incredibly powerful yet very simple to use SugarCRM 6 and 7 workflow add on - Process Manager Enterprise 2.5.

This new release of SierraCRM’s Workflow module for SugarCRM includes a number of innovative new features designed to improve functionality and enhance the creation of workflow in SugarCRM.
New Features Include:
  • Simple to use Drag and Drop Process Builder
  • Create any record with multiple ways to fill field data
  • Update records that are related to the object that triggered the process
  • Query database - get any data and act on that data
  • Call REST services such as Googles API's or your own companies web services
  • Send Daily Birthday Emails
  • Automatically Convert Leads
  • Enhanced Email capabilities.
  • Contract Approval Processes
  • Lead Management Processes
  • With this new release of Process Manager - we have enabled you to pretty much do anything you need to do automatically via workflow. No more having to worry about sending emails or scheduling calls.
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