Simple Powerful SugarCRM Workflow – only $69.99

An incredibly powerful yet very simple to use SugarCRM Workflow add on - Process Manager 3.0.

This new release of SierraCRM’s Workflow module for SugarCRM includes a number of innovative new features designed to improve functionality and enhance the creation of process automation in SugarCRM.
New Features Include:
  • Updated Process Builder - Drag and Drop Wizard
  • Export and Import Processes
  • Create any record with multiple ways to fill field data
  • Update records that are related to the object that triggered the process
  • Query database - get any data and act on that data
  • Call REST services such as Googles API's or your own companies web services
  • Send Daily Birthday Emails
  • Automatically Convert Leads
  • Enhanced Email capabilities.
  • Contract Approval Processes
  • Lead Management Processes
  • With this new release of Process Manager - we have enabled you to pretty much do anything you need to do automatically via process automation. No more having to worry about sending emails or scheduling calls.
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How can workflow help my business

Automate the entire Customer Journey

You've been using SugarCRM as a business software application to help run your sales , support and marketing operations. What you've found is that you continue to miss out on important revenue generating opportunities. Employees in your company forget to communicate with your customers. Emails are not sent, phone calls are not scheduled, meetings are missed.

New leads come into your company and they just sit there. Nobody is told about these new customers. Potential new revenue just sits there as your company struggles to constantly put out fires.

Contracts are held up because somebody in the signing order is out on vacation. You missed the key dates for this contract and what happens? Your company losses out on a potential huge closure of a key Sale.

Does this sound familiar? If so, consider a using a powerful Process Automation product such as Process Manager .

Process Manager is a simple to use and very powerful workflow module for SugarCRM that will completely automate the day to day tasks of running your business.

Never miss another opportunity to close a sale with Process Manager.


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