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Process Manager 3.0. Powerful SugarCRM Workflow – Product Overview

Process Manager 3.0 from SierraCRM is now generally available. This powerful SugarCRM Workflow add-on will assure that your customers will travel in First Class when embarking on their Customer Journey with your company. Many new features are to be found in Process Manager 3.0, including:

  • Export and Import Processes
  • Easier to use Process Builder
  • Expanded Filters and Conditions
  • Update Related Objects from Related Objects
  • Apply filters and conditions to Recurring Processes

There is more to this list. Check out the all new videos and tutorials found on the Videos Menu on the website.

Process Manager 3.0 Product Overview

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Process Manager Enterprise 3.0 – Case Management with Service Level Agreements – Simply Powerful SugarCRM Workflow

Process Manager 3.0 for SugarCRM. Simple Powerful Workflow. See how simple it is to setup a Business Process in SugarCRM that will run every day at 8AM and find all Open Cases created the day before that are related to Accounts that have Service Level Agreements entitling them to 24 hour support.

Open Cases for Accounts with Service Level Agreements

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Convert Lead – Transfer Notes on Lead to New Contact

When a Lead is converted in SugarCRM the Notes attached to that Lead do not copy over automatically to the new Contact upon conversion. This tutorial of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 workflow module for SugarCRM, explains how you can setup a business process that migrates the Notes from the Lead to the new Contact. In addition to Notes, any related object can be moved along side the Notes during conversion.

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Daily Birthday Email

In this short video, we highlight the simplicity and power of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 by creating a business process/workflow that will find all Contacts in your SugarCRM system where their birthday is today and send them a Happy Birthday Email.

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Process Manager Enerprise 2.5 New Features

Hey SugarCRM Fans,
Great news. Process Manager 2.5 is now shipping. It has been a very busy summer for SierraCRM with new consulting customers and new Process Manager customers. Lots of new feature requests have come our way since our 2.1 release back at SugarCon in April. We headed into the lab around May and now we are pleased to announce the general availability of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5.
This is just ‘Simply Powerful SugarCRM Workflow’
Some of the new features to note include:

  • Updated user interface – even easier to build processes with new Action Buttons
  • Support for Relate Fields when sending Email
  • Calling REST services. You read that correctly – you can now call REST services from Process Manager and the return string from the service can be passed to a Custom Script
  • Duplicate Processes
  • A new condition operator – When Field Value changes from value to another
  • Append By Value and Append By Field when updating objects or related objects.
  • Create Sugar Notifications for Sugar 7

Check out the video that highlights these new features.

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Customer Support and Service Level Agreements with Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 – Simply Powerful SugarCRM Workflow

The power and simplicity of Process Manager Enterprise is highlighted in this video where we show you how to setup a business process on the creation of a case where the priority is High and the related Account is a Gold Account. The company is obligated to complete the support case in one hour. If not, then the case is escalated.

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Manage New Leads with Process Manager Enterprise 2.5

Automating the management of new leads in SugarCRM is one of Process Manager’s easiest processes to create and modify to fit your own needs. In this video, we create a sample process to manage new leads with the lead source equal to “Web Site” that will send a series of emails and schedule calls over three days. We will include a “Cancel Process Event” such that if the Lead is converted we will stop sending Emails to the Lead.

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Update Related Tasks when a Case is Closed with Process Manager Enterprise 2.5

Today’s tutorial was created to show you how Process Manager can help with Support Cases. Many companies want SugarCRM to be able to automatically close all tasks related to a case when that case is closed. This video shows you how to do that with Process Manager Enterprise 2.5

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Accounts Assigned to new User – Update all Related Tasks and assign to this new User

Discover SugarCRM Webcast

Discover SugarCRM Webcast

We have been featured on the DiscoverSugarCRM webcast!

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Installing Process Manager Enterprise

This tutorial shows how to upload, install, and configure Process Manager Enterprise from SierraCRM.

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